Saturday morning I received an invitation from a good friend to attend a "Christmas Program" with her and her family. Having no idea what I was getting into, I agreed, and found out where to meet them. During dinner, I casually asked what exactly we were going to see. The response was "a Christmas play at a church." They gave me coordinates and I followed my trusty GPS to the Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill. What a surprise!

The campus of this "church" is enormous - rivaling some of our top performing arts venues in the region! I was shocked at the professional quality of every piece of the performance, starting with the greeters at the doors, the programs, the ushers taking you to your seat and of course the set, cast and most importantly of all, the performance! For a $10 ticket, this show was truly a bargain.

This year's performance was "The Gospel According to Scrooge," which is a twist on the classic "A Christmas Carol." To help create the Victorian England set, a huge cast with elaborate costumes were present, as well as live horses, geese and donkeys! They continued the theme in the area outside of the sanctuary with an old-fashioned candy shop, photo ops with characters and light period refreshments.

Before the finale of the play where Scrooge awakens Christmas morning with a new outlook on life, the Pastor addressed the audience in a short, uplifting Christmas message. Everyone left feeling the true joys of Christmas. I even took the long way home to enjoy Christmas lights.