As a resident of Mechanicsburg, I was so excited to find out that a new Greek BYOB restaurant had opened up in town. My fiance and I tried Hellenic Kouzina this weekend and it was delicious!

They were out of a few items from just opening but we both tried the chicken gyros. Each element was great, the chicken was seasoned well, the pita was soft, the tzatziki sauce was perfect and the tomatoes and onions were fresh. I can't wait to go back and try some other menu items and I'm especially looking forward to trying the Athenian Sweet Potato Fries with honey and cinnamon.

The set up of this restaurant was interesting. You order at a counter then they give you a buzzer and you take your seat. They do bring you your food and walk around and offer refills. The decor was comfortable and there were booths, tables and a neat counter with window seats. I noticed that they have a patio off to the one side that I'm hoping will offer outdoor seating in the warmer months! I did see some couples sharing bottles of wine that they brought. I think this restaurant will do wonderful in Mechanicsburg.