History can be fun and reliving the past doesn't have to cost anything! Below are some fun history finds and things to do in the Cumberland Valley that won't cost you anything to explore and visit.

U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center - Dedicated to "Telling the Army story... one Soldier at a time", the family-friendly museum on this expansive campus includes interactive and interpretive exhibits highlighting Army history.

Army Heritage Trail - The outdoor interpretive mile-long trail, accented by a massive Huey helicopter, includes full-scale exhibits from the Revolutionary War era to Vietnam.

Cumberland County Historical Society - This award-winning museum breathes life into the products and people that have shaped the Cumberland Valley over the past 250 years. Noteworthy permanent exhibits include the Carlisle Indian Industrial School and folk art.

Cumberland Valley Railroad Musem - Located inside a renovated 1956 Penn Central 50-foot long boxcar, this museum features representing the history of the Cumberland Valley, Penn Centra, and Conrail Railroads and depicts the way in which these railroads affected the region.

Mechanicsburg Museum Association - The museum collects items of area history and presents educational programs, exhibits and restored antiques.