This past weekend I met my two friends at Bamboo Frozen Yogurt Cafe in Mechanicsburg on the Carlisle Pike. I thought that due to the chilly weather we would be the only people in there but I was very wrong! Turns out everyone agreed with us - it's never too cold for frozen yogurt. Bamboo never disappoints. I got berry tart yogurt (a combo of strawberry and California tart).
Then I pretty much added all the fruit. I'm not kidding, you can tell in my photo, I piled it high with kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberry sauce and pineapple. There was a line to pay which led to me adding whipped cream and some amazing kiwi lime sauce. Bamboo is a great place to relax and chat for a little. We sat in the window as the sun shined in and pretended it was summer out. Who else doesn't mind frozen treats in the winter?