I've definitely been suffering from a case of the winter blues. With blistering cold, the snow/sleet/"thundersnow" phenomena we experienced last week and the short days, I knew I needed something to perk me up. With this is mind, a handful of friends and I piled into a few cars and went to Doc Holidays and the Harrisburg Comedy Zone.
The cool thing about the Harrisburg Comedy Zone is that everything you need to complete your night is in the same building. The Comedy Zone and two restaurants are located inside of a hotel. You can eat, laugh, drink at the bar and then retire safely to your hotel room for the evening.

There are two dining choices in the hotel - we went with Doc Holidays. The menu was a nice mix of appetizers, entrees, steaks, burgers and wraps. The best part is if you dine at either restaurant, you get discounted tickets to the Comedy Zone. I only paid $20 for my wrap and the show.

The show itself consists of three parts. The MC does a short opener, and then the remaining time is split between two comedians. Waitresses are available to take drink orders, so you don't even have to leave your seat. Most of the time the comedians are available after the show for a quick handshake or chat.

I will warn you - the jokes are lewd, crude and rude...but that's what makes them so funny! My friends and I had a wonderful time, it was just what I needed.