Okay, so I am starting to feel a little bit like a food critic... but I guess you're supposed to blog about what you like to do and I LOVE to eat!! I have had lunch at Marie's Cafe twice in the last two weeks... which is pretty rare for me! I have the entire county to eat in and I hardly ever repeat myself that frequently... but the gyro was so good I couldn't resist. Both times I was there I was waited on by Angie (Marie's cousin) and she was so sweet!
The second time she remembered what I ordered and offered me "my usual"... I LOVE IT!

The whole restaurant is like a little neighborhood cafe where everyone knows everyone and they welcome new people with open arms. I am definitely a people watcher and it was so refreshing to see people welcomed by name, not only by the servers, but by the girls behind the counter and by Marie herself. They have daily specials which are made fresh that day... someday I will have to try one but for now, I'll stick with the gyro and fries! Neither time did I manage to take a picture of my own because I ate it up too fast... but this last time I did manage to sit there long enough for another patron to order the same thing I did and she let me snap a photo before eating it!

Also... they were out yesterday, but Marie promised they'd be back today... so if you happen to be in the area I highly recommend stopping in for a brownie. They are huge and sooo yummy! I don't normally love icing on my brownies but I will make an exception for these. And then if you have room... try an authentic gyro! You won't regret it!