Every year, when we get the Luhr's Center season brochure, I pick out at least five shows I really want to see... then I narrow it down to the one or two shows I think it's realistic to go to! This year, I got tickets for myself, my two year old son Cole, and my friend Kelly to go to the Master's of Illusion magic show this past Sunday.

When I bought the tickets the show was several months away and I thought to myself, "of course Cole will be able to sit through a show by then... he'll be two!". HA! As we made the drive to Shippensburg all I could think was... I will probably spend the whole darn show walking around the outside of the Luhr's Center trying to keep him entertained and quiet. However, once the lights went down, he was more than happy to sit on my lap and see what came next!

We had a couple of times when the music got a little too dramatic or the fire was too much for him and he had to turn away, but all in all it was a fantastic time. Several of the performers were quite funny and there was a LOT of dancing (which Cole loves). He clapped for every act and several times, I laughed out loud. My favorite was one of the last to go and he did a comedy/slight of hand bit with some thimbles... RAINBOW! Anyone else see it?