My husband Steve and I had a few errands to run that were located out of our normal routine of errand running so we loaded up our girls, who were home from college for Easter, and went on a nice Saturday afternoon family drive.  I highly recommend family drives in the Cumberland Valley - it’s SO beautiful!  If you don’t know where you’re going, just meander, and when you’re ready to find your way back home, look to the mountains.
Seeing the South Mountain to your south, and Blue Mountain to your north, head your vehicle in the approximate direction you need to travel and make it an adventure to find your way home! (OKAY, or get out the GPS if you need to get there sooner than later.)
Saturday was a beautiful spring day with plenty of blooms and many freshly mowed yards thanks to our early spring this year. We enjoy the farmland scenery and the simple beauty of the wildflowers along the roads and creeks.
During our travels we stopped in at Meadowbrooke Gourds. What an amazingly cute array of gourd décor they have! We found the cutest “Uncle Sam” gourds, bunnies, chickens, snowmen, vases, nightlights, birdhouses, basically all seasons and holidays are covered. Beautiful. Simply beautiful gourds (who knew gourds could be so beautiful!). We did make a purchase for a gift, but I may need to find myself back out there to get a chicken. The chicken gourds definitely caught my eye!
We also meandered over the South Mountain to stop in at the Appalachian Trail Museum at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Unfortunately our timing wasn’t the best as we arrived with only 8 minutes until closing time. Even so, we were greeted by enthusiastic volunteers who told us about the museum and some of the displays there. We learned about the Earl Shaffer Trail Shelter and hiking pioneer Grandma Gatewood. Referring to Grandma’s gear on display in the museum, the volunteer said “we’re such wimps today!” Her gear was very simple compared to what hikers use today! As a new grandma myself, I was amazed by that grandma’s gusto. She was the first woman to hike the entire trail, and she did it at the age of 67! Alone! Way to go Grandma Gatewood! Oh, not to mention she hiked it two more times. Personally, I’m not planning on hiking the entire trail – I mean seriously, WALK from Maine to Georgia??? Nah. I would be happy to hike at least the entire trail within Cumberland County though. I think I’ll start with that goal. Maybe we'll see you out on the trail sometime this summer! :)