I never thought I would be able to walk into The Pizza Grille in Camp Hill and NOT order one of their delicious personal pizzas! I've been there a handful of times and even though they have other categories on the menu I always get the veggie pizza, salad pizza or BLT pizza. However, I'm on a healthy eating kick and when my friend wanted to go there for her birthday I knew I should try to look for something besides bread and melted cheese.
As difficult as it was, I ignored the pizza menu and ordered something completely different...salmon. I'm happy to say that much like their creative pizzas the dish was really good! What convinced me to order this was a honey vanilla vinaigrette that came on the fish which was as good as it sounds. The portion was huge and I really could only eat about half of it, but it was perfectly cooked and came with a fresh side salad. Has anyone else ventured (temporarily) away from the pizzas at The Pizza Grille?