I have been to a LOT of Carlisle restaurants, but one I had never gone in to was Mt Fuji. To be honest I thought it was only sushi...and sushi in Central PA scared me for some reason. A co-worker suggested we try it out for lunch today and yet again I was very pleasantly surprised. We got a crab cucumber roll to split as an appetizer, which was delicious.

It was so fresh! I ordered the chicken teriyaki and I really have to admit that it was probably the best I've ever had. The sauce was so good and it came with the chicken sliced on top of vegetables and a side of rice... simple but definitely tasty!

The other girl ordered a tempura shrimp Bento Box which I had to share a picture of because it was awesome presentation. The atmosphere was laid back and when you first walk in they have a sushi bar you can sit at. Has anyone else had a really good experience at Mt Fuji or have any other Carlisle restaurant suggestions?