On a recent visit to Shippensburg, some friends and I decided to try out the brand new CJ's American Pub & Grill.  This pub took over the old Tollgate Restaurant building when it closed a couple of months ago... and they have made MANY changes.  The general layout of the building is the same, but everything else completely updated. It's a little darker inside than is my preference in a restaurant but we asked to be seated in a window booth and were able to roll the shade up a little bit.

The menu was extensive and we were all a little apprehensive about what to order... or at least I was.  We started with the Artichoke, asiago & crab pretzel dip and the owner himself brought it to our table! With a cheerful smile and a friendly welcome he introduced himself and invited us to dig in.  I wish we would have gotten several of the dips because it was too good for four people to share! I think several of us (myself included) came very close to licking the bowl.

We had all decided on burgers, four very different burgers, and after the dip we were excited to try them.  They did not let us down! Mine had avocado, bacon & cheddar cheese (the Californian).  We also had a Greek Burger (with blue cheese), and Shippensburg Burger (with feta cheese) and a Hawaiian Burger (with pineapple on it)! I can't speak for the others... and there wasn't much speaking going on once we all dug in... but my meal was great and I'll definitely be back to CJ's!