Historic downtown Carlisle is home to a new Belgian restaurant called Café Bruges. According to the owners, Belgium's "multicultural past has brought both a French refinement and a German heartiness to traditional Belgian dishes, many of which date back to the Middle Ages." The menu includes traditional Belgian entrées such as mussels and waffles as well as American favorites like burgers and salads. The restaurant also features a vast variety of Belgian beers and ales.
Located at 16 N. Pitt St., Café Bruges has been created by four partners who combined together have around 100 years of restaurant experience. Garret Hosler has helped to launch restaurants all across the country, including Philadelphia, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. Omar Taghi spent years working in Morocco,France and around the United States before settling in central Pennsylvania. Ryan Twigg's talent for organization comes from his years working in both the restaurant and the IT worlds. A fixture in the Carlisle restaurant scene for more than two decades, Ross Morris brings both the culinary talent and business acumen that made à la tarte and Piatto so successful.