What could be better than a night out on the town with good friends and great food? How about a night out on the town with good friends great food and live entertainment! Every week a number of the coolest joints all across Cumberland Valley host a weekly open mic night. For those of you unfamiliar with open mics, the name tells all. A microphone is set up and anyone (yes anyone!) who signs up is welcome to join the fun.
In the past few years I have prided myself with knowing and visiting most open mics in the Cumberland Valley area; but let me tell you, Courthouse Common Espresso Bar & Bistro (Courthouse Common) is like no other! Every Thursday night at seven o'clock Courthouse Common hosts their open mic night. Courthouse Common is a fairly large coffee house; but every Thursday when the music starts, the place is packed. Listeners can hear anything from country music to freestyle rap or from rock n roll to poetry. This diversity is what makes Courthouse Common's open mic so special. They have something to offer for every music fan. So next Thursday stop by and enjoy some friends, food, and fun!