All around Pennsylvania, you can find different pieces of culture and history and the case is no different for Cumberland Valley. You’ll find trails, camping sites, museums, cultural centers, and so much more; the perfect places to learn.

Just a few of our favorites include:

The Appalachian Trail Museum, nestled in the mountains along the Appalachian Trail, is a great place to visit to learn all about the creation, preservation, and enjoyment of the Appalachian Trail. On a beautiful spring day, you’ll definitely want to walk around the area and pop in the museum to learn a little more about the trail that we all love and utilize so often. Be sure to stop by May 5, 2018 for the annual museum festival!

U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is an excellent place for an in-depth and in-person look at our country’s history with several different wars. Inside, you’ll find a cafe, a gift shop, and a few exhibits on US Army History. Then, a trail outside leads visitors through different structures and interactive displays that show you what vehicles, structures, trenches, etc. looked like in different wars throughout history! Definitely a great place to bring kids that are learning about our country’s history. Be sure to visit on May 19-20 for the 2018 Army Heritage Days where you’ll get a timeline that features several hundred re-enactors from all eras spread out over the one mile long Army Heritage Trail. You can ask questions and hear stories about the history of the US Army and the wars that are represented on the trail.

The Cumberland County Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of Cumberland County. With a free museum, Cumberland County is a great place to explore and the historical society is key in teaching you a thing or two!

The Oakes Museum of Natural History at Messiah University is one more excellent place to visit! With more than 40,000 specimens in the 10,000 square foot museum, you’ll be sure to have a lot to look at and learn about. The museum contains a Sensory Discover Room, an African Floor, a North American Floor, and a museum store all filled with different kinds of animals, archaeology, and books, and souvenirs. A visit to the museum is priced at $6.50 for adults and $4.00 for both children 3+ and senior citizens. The Oakes Museum is perfect for students, field trips, families, and history lovers of all ages!

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