Rock! On Sunday, my friends, hub and I went out for dinner at Knutes and a show at the Luhrs Center in Shippensburg. A much-needed break from my new life as a mom. The show, Cirque Dreams Pop Goes the Rock, was amazing!  First, a shout out to the Luhrs Center.

  • Parking was a breeze. We found a close spot and we didn't have to wait in a line when we left. Also, parking was free!
  • The quality of the sound system and light show was phenomenal! 
  • The seats were really comfy.
  • The show started on time. It is so annoying when shows and concerts start late. 
  • The place was packed and the crowd was super enthusiastic. 
The standing ovation says it all. The kaleidoscope of colors, caliber of performers, crazy funky costumes, mesmerizing set design and boppin' and rockin' music and vocalists are just some of the things that made the Cirque exceptional! My favorite acts were the wire walker and a kid spinning uncontrollably and controlled at the same time on someone's feet. Imagine the game that you play with your kids where you lay down with your feet in the air and let them fly like an airplane. Now imagine them wanting to be the airplane propeller, spinning 360 degrees 30 times in a row on your feet. 
The cirque was a life size Jack in the box...unexpected surprises and amusement.