Last Thursday I was having a crazy, busy day... and then I had a terrible scare with my husband's health (don't worry, he's fine!)... and then a reminder popped up on my calendar that I had to go to the spa in 20 minutes and all I could think is "that is the last thing I need right now"! But I had an appointment so I wrapped up what I was working on and rushed over to Body & Sole Salon and Day Spa. As I ran in the door (two or three minutes late and quite flustered)

I was greeted by name and walked into a private (read: quiet, clean, soft, relaxing) waiting room for spa clients only. From there I was taken into the changing room to exchange my work clothes for a luscious bathrobe and then into the room where I would get my pre-massage "soft pack" treatment.

This consisted of laying on a special bed that you sink down in until you are cocooned in it from the neck to the ankles. It is almost like a giant water bed but it feels more like you are on a raft in a still pool... just a little sway and a lot of warmth. While in this fantastic contraption, my therapist Jess, massaged my face and head and then my feet! It was such a great way to start everything off because I was definitely having a hard time getting in the mood. I was in the soft pack for all of twenty minutes but I am pretty sure I fell asleep and it felt like hours!!

From there, I moved on to the massage table for a sixty minute massage that was like heaven. All thoughts of my day and that stress were wiped away! My only suggestion for them is to start a partnership with a limo company or a taxi service because I would have loved to just slide in to the backseat and head home at that point!

Oh yeah... and I recommend bringing comfy clothes to wear after because the LAST THING I wanted to do was change back into my work clothes! All in all, it turned out to be the best possible end to my day!