Summer has arrived in Cumberland Valley and I recently became quite aware of the warm temperature while out and about one afternoon. Generally, when I determine my schedule and tasks for the day I don’t make changes. 
Well on this particular bright and sunny day I made a few stops in Camp Hill and I was running a bit ahead of schedule and was on my way to Harrisburg. I happened to be conveniently located near the Cornerstone Coffeehouse on Market Street which doesn’t happen often for me, so I decided to pop in to see what their “cool” beverage of the day might be. I have my favorite spots throughout Cumberland Valley and Cornerstone Coffeehouse is one of them. The staff is always warm, friendly and eager to take your order. What I really find appealing at Cornerstone Coffeehouse is that they offer a variety of health conscience food items and when you’re in a rush that’s a plus. Today though was all about a fun refreshing drink and I quickly chose one of the features “Vanilla Coconut Lime Frappe”. If you like Vanilla and Coconut you can’t go wrong. I was hoping to taste a little more lime, but I’ll save that for my next visit and I’ll kindly share that when ordering my next one.