So I've always thought yoga was too new age for me... but at the same time, I kinda wanted to try it.  And ever since Tranquility Salon & Wellness Center  opened and announced that they had the area's first Salt Cave, I was curious about that as well.  When Tranquility announced that they would be offering free yoga in the Salt Cave for their Open House this fall, I decided it was time.  I invited a friend that I knew was also interested in trying yoga and we signed up.

As time came for the class to actually start, I realized that I was (somewhat ridiculously) quite nervous.  When I get nervous, I tend to show up really early.   I know it's silly, but for some subconsious reason that's what happens.  So I showed up about twenty minutes early and I discovered that Face Forward, which shares an entry way with Tranquility, was also having their Open House.  Tranquility is an all natural salon and spa, but Face Forward specializes in more medical grade enhancements.

I've been to Face Forward many times, but not since they moved to their new location so I went in to explore.  Jess, the owner, greeted me and immediately offered to show me some of their new services.  What I decided to try was their Bling mascara treatment.  This is a special kind of no smudge mascara that lasts for days! She assured me it would last through yoga and it made me feel quite beautiful.

After briefly touring Face Forward I headed next door for yoga and it was amazing.  Their were only three of us in the class so it was quite intimate and the teacher was so down to earth.  She explained the benefits of the Salt Cave itself and then took the time to explain and properly introduce yoga to a couple of skeptics.

After it was done I felt like I had been for a massage in one of their fancy rooms! It was the perfect combination of working out, stretching and relaxing.  And Tranquility provided us with a packet of samples and coupons that will ensure I come back to try again at an actual yoga class soon! Who would have thought?!