While I'm at work every day, my two year old son, Cole, has marvelous adventures with his Grandmas. I often go to pick him up and hear fantastic stories or receive little presents to go home with us... but the other day, what my mom had waiting for me was too wonderful to not share. So I asked my mom to write a few words about it.... here it is!

Last week my grandson, Cole, and I went to Meadowbrooke Gourds to build a scarecrow. We were excited. He had heard about the scarecrow in Mr. MacGregor's garden in the Peter Rabbit book. As we walked over to the tent area at Meadowbrooke with another grandmother/grandchild duo, very friendly staff greeted us. Everything we needed was laid out. Cole chose the scarecrow's face, and I picked out his clothes. Then we got started with the fun part - stuffing him with straw! When he was finished and stood up in the tent, Cole said, "He's two!" because they were the same size.