We all know that food brings people together, and that a certain amount of trust and friendship can be built by sharing a meal. Recently, I was planning a business meeting, and suggested sharing some plates at Cork & Fork Osteria.

Cork & Fork Osteria

Cork & Fork Osteria is housed in a modern, wood-floored, brick-walled building with a neat loft. Wine barrels and a large wood bar are the main features downstairs, while the upstairs loft has a unique view of the wine storage and tables downstairs.

Cork & Fork Osteria

There was six of us, and we had no idea how much food to order. Our friendly waitress shared that each of the small plates would be similar in size to the plates already on the table, which was really helpful. We ended up ordering 2-3 items each to share, which was too much!

We started with drinks. There is a nice selection of both red and white wines and bottled beers. They also have a fun cocktail menu, including colorful (Coral Crush, Mandarin Orange Old Fashioned, Watermelon Martini), amusing (Corpse Reviver) and classic options (Manhattan, Gin & Juice, Mezcal Mule).

Cork & Fork Osteria

The menu is split up into sections - salads, small plates, pastas, pizzas, meats & cheeses and desserts. The recipes are inspired by trending foods in major cities, but also by local produce availability to showcase the flavors of the Valley. Everything we had was quite good, but the highlights of our spread for me included Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts (cooked to perfection!), Gnocchi (with pillowy, scratch-made pasta), Classic Bruschetta (a must) and Pappardelle (pasta with shredded pork, pancetta and provolone - an interesting mix, but delicious!). We also shared Roasted Cauliflower, Sweet Italian Sausage, Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, Della Nonna Pizza and a picture-perfect, mix-and-match cheese platter that included cheeses, meats, gherkins, olives, crackers and spreads.

If nothing else, treat yourself to dessert! We shared a Nutella Pizza, which was full of creamy Nutella and fluffy marshmallow. It was so good that we would have ordered another if we weren't so full!

Dining at Cork & Fork Osteria was more than a meal - it was an experience. We only ordered a few things at a time, so we were able to have lively conversation while munching our way through each dish. There was no rush to eat before the food got cold, and we all tried a huge variety of items since we were sharing. The welcoming and relaxing atmosphere made a perfect backdrop for our meeting, but would also be ideal for a date night, girls' night or special night out. I can't wait to go back for some more of the Nutella Pizza!