My son takes after my husband in that his favorite place to be in the whole world is our house.  I, on the other hand, can't stand to just sit at home all day.  I had an unexpected day off with Cole and I had planned to have lunch with some friends.  It was almost time to go but I still had to coax him to get in the car and be happy about it, so I offered him the choice of staying home for lunch and then taking a nap or going out to lunch followed by a trip to Massey's! Guess what he picked?! He's three... of course, he chose ice cream.  Who wouldn't?

So we have our lunch and head over to a fairly crowded Massey's because there was some sort of event happening at the Dickinson College Stadium.  We've ordered (a peanut butter cup arctic mount with an extra bowl for him) and are waiting for our delicious custard when I hear the guy behind me order.  "Two diet sodas please," he says.  I thought about letting it go... but I wouldn't be me if I didn't try to talk strangers out of making bad decisions, right?
I turn around and say, "You're not from around here are you?".  And he kind of looks at me funny but shakes his head no.  I explain "You can't be from Carlisle and order from Massey's without getting ice cream  [or custard]."  He replied with "Oh, I don't really eat any of that stuff anymore." Which to me is no excuse... so I pointed out the low fat, sugar-free options and mentioned that the sugar-free chocolate they serve is better than most regular chocolate ice cream.  Well, guess what, he ordered a cone! And right as I was walking out the door with my treat and he was taking his second bite he said, "You were right.  This is great! I'm from Camp Hill and I'll definitely be back here."

My arctic mount tasted just a little bit better that day (hard to believe it's possible, right?) for having helped gain Massey's a new customer and for having shown a fellow Cumberland Valley resident the joy of sugar-free chocolate at Massey's.