The charming exterior of a local cafe gives a small glimpse to what is inside. Before and After Cafe located on East King Street in Shippensburg is a two floor local restaurant with great food served a friendly smile.

Before and After Cafe is a place I first visited when I was a freshman at Shippensburg University. Now about to start my senior, it is still one of my favorite places to eat. The quaint cafe offers a standard menu, my favorite being the delicious breakfast. To me it is a local place not far from the Shippensburg University Campus with great omlettes. The food is also reasonably priced.
Whether you are looking for a place to stop by for coffee or a place to make reservation for a larger group, Before and After Cafe is accommodating. One of the organizations I am involved with at Shippensburg University loves to go here for brunch. With over 50 people in the organization, the cafe is accommodating and allowed us to use the whole facility.
I highly suggest grabbing a bite to eat at Before and After Cafe with a group of friends. 
-Jessica Richardson 
Jessica will be starting her senior year at Shippensburg University in the Fall 2016 and she is a Communication/Journalism major with a concentration in Political Science. She chose Shippensburg because of its accreditation of her chosen major as well as the quaint location. She holds leadership positions in multiple organizations on-campus including Alpha Phi Fraternity, Order of Omega, Student Senate, Women’s Panhellenic Council and The Slate. When she is not working hard on her studies she enjoys reading, watching game shows or going on runs or hikes in the local area.