Most people have heard of special nationally celebrated day before. Unique days to commemorate something special in our country and for our people to enjoy. Days such as Presidents day, Labor day, and Memorial day all come to mind as some of the most common and well-known to name a few.  But have you ever heard of National Taco Day? It’s true, October 4th has been deemed the day to celebrate that delectable marvel known as the taco. 

You may ask, how should someone celebrate National Taco Day? 

It’s not as if stores are stocking up on Taco flags for your porch or unique ingredients that only come out once a year. Taking part in this day only requires that you enjoy one of these hard or soft shelled creations however you see fit. Some people may poses a close family recipe that they will use just for this day. Or you could simply find the closest taco joint and load up on your favorite variety taco.

To memorialize this day I choose the latter option and went to University Grille (Ugrille) with my friend after class. Every week Ugrille holds a special called Taco Tuesday, where every taco is only a dollar. Your choices are between hard or soft shell, beef, chicken, and steak, along with a table dedicated to toppings and condiments for your taco. Since we don’t have tacos very often, my friend ordered a variety of six while I choose five softshell steak tacos. Paired with an Oktoberfest beer to also welcome in the fall season, National Taco Day had certainly felt like a success.

-Jeremy Aiello

Jeremy is a senior at Shippensburg University majoring in Human Communication Studies with a minor in business. When he isn't busy with school he will spend time with the campus theater group Act V and working at Bard Townhouses Student Community. Jeremy plans to move to New Jersey after graduation and work for a Non-profit organization in economic and community development.