It’s finally Wednesday, the middle of the week and you have made it! You’ve gone to class everyday thus far, been to work on time and the weekend is only two days away. You can spend those well-deserved days hanging out with friends you don’t get to see during your busy schedule. But why wait till Friday to see your compadres? Wednesday is a perfect day to be out enjoying the time you have with the people you care about the most. 

If you’re like me, I spend my weekends out of town either with family or traveling. Meaning I rarely get to spend my weekends with my classmates anymore. Wednesday’s are the perfect day for me because I know everyone will be out to join in the Pint Night celebration at Orky's Bar & Grill, even if just for an hour or two. The bar tenders make sure to start the festivities at 9 pm sharp, serving up one glass at a time to patient patrons. Since everyone has things to do in the morning, our goal for the evening is to not see who can stay up the latest, but rather have the best quality time with each other. Often you’ll find me racking up the pool balls and getting ready to play another game. That, and taking home a brand new beer glass to add to our growing collection. 

It must me noted that Pint Night is not held every Wednesday. Simply, it’s quite difficult to get your hands on enough glasses to cover 52 Wednesday’s in a year! Regardless, because I enjoy spending time with my friends, you’ll find me there racking up another game of pool. 

-Jeremy Aiello

Jeremy is a senior at Shippensburg University majoring in Human Communication Studies with a minor in business. When he isn't busy with school he spends time with friends and working at Bard Townhouses Student Community. Jeremy plans to move to New Jersey after graduation and work for a Non-profit organization in economic and community development.