I'm not going to lie and say I'm a die-hard fan, but every once in awhile I enjoy visiting Williams Grove Speedway to watch dirt track racing. I went Friday night for Speed Week, which meant I also got to see a fireworks display!

The cool thing about dirt track racing is that there is a place for everyone. The die hard fans usually stay in the pits, families enjoy the infield and there is even a place nicknamed "beer hill" for the rowdier crowd (they brought their own cymbals for the National Anthem).

There were 410 Sprint Cars racing Friday night, but on a typical night you will see several classes of cars. My favorite is the Late Models...sometimes also referred to as Thunder Cars because of how loud they are.

If you're planning on going to a race, keep a few things in mind. You are very close to the track, so it gets loud and dusty. If you have children, consider bringing ear muffs or plugs. Also, if you are in the infield, bring chairs and blankets to sit on. Items like frisbees and balls are a lot of fun, even for the "big" kids. Finally, the races go into the evening, so don't forget your sweatshirt!