Tired of the cold, drab weather and bulky, heavy sweaters, I wanted to "break free" of the chains of winter and happily embrace the unseasonably warm weather we experienced this past weekend. In the spirit of spring, I grabbed a few of my friends and set off on a mini girlfriends getaway.

We started the day with a leisurely stroll down Pomfret Street where we popped in and out of the many cute and whimsical gift shops. Pat Craig Studios really stood out with its collection of humorous greeting cards and gift items, and we loved the polka dotted, monogrammed handbags and wallets at Leaf of Eve.

Next we went to Camellia's Sin Tear Parlor for a lady-like lunch. The menu was Irish themed and included delectable delights like cucumber sandwiches, Emerald Isle Quiche, Tipsy Squire Trifle and Beef in a Biscuit. We worked our way through two types of tea, the house tea which is a blend of black tea and caramel, along with the winter themed snowflake tea with a touch of coconut. My favorite by far was the lavender scones. I also loved that I had a reason to wear my new fancy hat!

Not ready to retreat indoors we took a scenic drive to Hunters Valley Winery. The winery is located on top of hill with a great view of the Susquehanna River. We sampled a few wines before choosing the Concord (although the Blueberry came in a close second) and spread out a picnic blanket to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful day in The Valley!