Although I don’t fish or hike regularly enough to warrant having the great outfit that has purpose, style, UV coatings and a bunch of zipper pockets to stuff important things in; I absolutely love stopping by the TCO Fly Shop in Boiling Springs to browse and buy. I haven’t yet walked in and not walked out with something for myself, my husband or friends and family and yes, even the doggy-friend.

The store is equipped with some of the best outdoor gear brands and styles that will serve you well no matter how much use they get. I bought my husband a pair of Simms shorts, probably meant for fishing based on the number of pockets it came with – he put them on declaring that he wasn’t a fisherman; and he keeps putting them on – becoming his favorite go-to pair of shorts. Guess I need to get him another pair. I just love this store and so happy they expanded to Boiling Springs and revived our old and tired fly shop with so much history. It is located right off the Appalachian Trail and  the visitors center; so hikers can stop by and pick up some much needed replenishments to continue their journey. And of course, they are right by the Yellow Breeches and other renowned waterways of great fishing. And for those of you that just want to feel like you are an avid hiker or fisherman or woman; walk in the store and talk to the knowledgeable staff who will make you feel at home, directing you to some great outdoor gear and fashions.