Sweeping turns, rolling farmland, mountaintop vistas, and beautiful natural scenery make Cumberland Valley the perfect destination for a motorcycling vacation. One minute you'll find yourself winding through shaded forests and open fields and the next you'll be stopping to explore historic downtowns and interactive museums. 

Full Day

Cumberland Valley is known for beautiful, scenic roads. Beat the heat and gear up for a 113-mile, 3-hour rendezvous through the diverse topography and scenery of the Valley.

1. Start at Carlisle Events' Fairgrounds and turn right out of Gate 3 onto PA-34 N/Carlisle Springs Rd (3.9 miles).

2. Turn left onto PA-944 W/Enola Rd (5.2 miles).

3. Turn right onto PA-74 N/Waggoners Gap Rd (12 mi).

Snap a picture of the picturesque view from the top of this winding mountain! Just a few sharp turns and you will be able to look out over miles of the Valley's vast landscape from the stone pull-off located on the left-hand side of the road. If you have a few minutes pull into the stone parking lot on the right-hand side of the road and take the short (less than ¼ mile) hike to Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch. This popular birding location offers a stunning 180-degree view of Cumberland Valley.

The next leg of your journey will wind you down the mountain and through small farming communities in Perry and Franklin Counties. Enjoy the miles and miles of farmland as your ride skirts you along the Michaux State Forest.

4. Turn left onto PA-274 W/Shermans Valley Rd (12.1 miles).

5. Turn left to stay on PA-274 W/W Main St (14.4 miles).

6. Turn left onto PA-75 S/Path Valley Rd (7 miles).

7. Turn left onto PA-641 E/Spring Run Rd (1.6 miles).

8. Turn right onto PA-641 E/Spring Run Road/Timmons Rd (6.9 miles).

9. Turn right onto PA-997 S/Cumberland Highway (17.2 miles).

10. Turn left onto U.S. 30 E/Lincoln Way East (2.1 miles).

11. Turn left onto PA-233 N/Pine Grove Rd (13.3 miles).

Stop and stretch your legs at Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Featuring two beach-front lakes, miles of hiking, the Appalachian Trail Museum, The General Store, historic Iron Furnace, boating, biking and more, you're sure to enjoy your mid-day stop!

It's just a short ride through a mix of farmlands, forest, and small communities before you find yourself at your next stop.

12. Turn left onto PA-233 N/Centerville Rd (4.3 miles).

13. Slight right onto Point Rd (.3 miles).

14. Continue onto Leeds Rd (.9 miles).

15. Turn right onto Pine Rd (1.4 miles).

Turn into the entrance at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center and enjoy a four-mile ride on the spiral path up to the mountaintop mansion. The view from the porch is spectacular and not one to miss.

Walnut Bottom Road feels almost like a roller coaster with its small hills - you'll feel like a kid! End back in town, where there are plenty of options for dining, shopping, and nightlife.

16. Head southwest on Pine Rd; take first right onto Montsera Rd (.3 miles).

17. Turn left to stay on Montsera Rd (1.1 miles).

18. Turn right onto PA-465 N/Walnut Bottom Rd (7 miles).

19. Continue onto West Willow St (.3 miles).

20. Turn left onto South Hanover St (.6 miles).

21. Slight left onto Carlisle Springs Rd (.7 miles).

22. End at fairgrounds, on right.

Make it a Weekend

Has your ramble whetted your appetite for more excursions in the Valley? Pick one of our themed trip ideas to extend your journey - whether you choose outdoors, history or family-focused themes, miles and miles of the beautiful Valley will surround you.