For the first time in many many years, my husband and I actually had a Valentine's Day date scheduled this year... so, of course, the entire household came down with the plague.  The rare date night is almost never postponed in my world, but there is just no way to go to a movie theater and out to dinner when you have the stomach virus:(.

So.... after much babysitter rescheduling... Chris and I finally got to go on a date Saturday night! We went to see A Good Day to Die Hard at the Regal Theater in Carlisle.  I know this might not sound like a date movie to some but I love the Die Hard series and action movies in general... not to mention I'm a big fan of Bruce Willis! We got there early (Chris insists on it) and got our favorite seats (in the middle with the bar in front of you to rest your feet on).  The popcorn was good, the company was great... the movie was bad.  Long story short, John McClain didn't show up for filming. Oh well.  At least we still had dinner to look forward to at one of my top three date restaurants, Flinchy's.

I had called ahead for reservations because a Saturday night at Flinchy's can get crazy.  There are only a dozen or so tables and booths inside and it's not quite warm enough for the Train Wreck Deck to be open yet and I'm really glad I called ahead because there were at least three parties of 10+ scheduled for the night and there was a line out the door.  We walked in about ten minutes early and got seated right away.  Starting off dinner with the Seafood Fondue turned out to be the best choice of the evening.  The Pita wedges were warm and flavorful and the fondue had chunks of shrimp in it. Papa Flinchy himself came by and cleared our plates and made sure we were being taken care of properly.

For main courses, I had the Southwest Shrimp Scampi and Chris had the Sampler Hot Rock. Mine was delicious... the plate was filled with jumbo shrimp and the sauce flavored with jalapeno .. YUM! Chris had tuna, filet, pork, shrimp and scallops all ready to be cooked on a personal-sized volcanic stone along with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

We ended the night with dessert...  not an option we usually go for any more, but it seemed right to be excessive on Valentine's Day (two weeks late).  Chris had cheesecake with raspberry sauce and I had a Strawberry Bikini (strawberry vodka, Parrot Bay and grenadine).  The perfect end to the kind of date we can't get away for very often any more.