While driving down the road in Lower Allen/York County, saw a sign, which read Alpaca Farm. Since my five-year old nephew was with me, I asked him if he would like to visit the farm. Of- course he said yes. What a wonderful surprise! The owners of the alpaca farm were extremely informative, very friendly, especially with the many questions asked by my nephew and myself.

The farm was well groomed and the animals were very clean and friendly. They would take treats from your hand. They also had two Lamas, peacocks, and two barn cats, which my nephew enjoyed playing with. Afterwards we visited their small store (made by the Amish), which included items made with Alpaca fur. They do spinning of the fibers (from their Alpacas) into yarn for scarves, blankets, etc. The entire visit was very interesting and well-worth the time we spent there.

I highly recommend this visit to the Alpaca Farm (Starry Night Alpacas), Observatory Drive York County, 938-6898. We plan to return in October after two of the Alpacas give birth. My nephew could not wait to tell his mother, father, and seven-year old brother about what he saw and learned. If you have the opportunity, this is a great place to visit.