When I first moved to the Cumberland Valley, I made sure to pin point all the places that I attend regularly in my life. Some of the places I made sure to locate were CVS, Rite Aid, Giant, Verizon Wireless, and a Starbucks. What I forgot to find was a place to get my haircut. So, when my hair began to mirror that of a helmet, I began researching the best places to get your hair cut in the Valley. What I found was Didia Salon located on West Louther St. in Carlisle.

This place is AMAZING! I love everyone that I've met there. I have had two different people cut my hair, and both times I have have left thoroughly enthused! They do an incredible job on all types of hair and they offer a variety of spa treatments. And, Best Of All, Didia is very reasonably priced.
So, give them a call and schedule an appointment! They are open Tues. to Sat. from 9am till 7pm, and walk-ins are welcome!