If you didn't make it to the Wine, Art & Music walk on Pomfret & S. Hanover Sts in Carlisle last Saturday... you really missed out! Not only was there great wine (19 different sites were offering tastes) but you had a chance to watch artists at work, sample delicious snacks and listen to music!! And... the weather held for most of the day! Despite a forecast of rain, it was a gorgeous day with only a few sprinkles and walking around a couple of blocks carrying a wine glass was a lovely way to pass time.
Too much sunshine and fun wiped out my son... I promise that's all he had (despite many offers of a little wine for teething purposes!).
I picked up a jar of garlic pepper jelly at Camellia's Sin (thanks Mr. Jack!) after sampling some of that along with my wine. I never would have thought to try such a thing but you'd be surprised what you might try after 12 wine samples! It is fantastic! I had friends over the next night and we ate the whole jar!

I believe they do this sort of event twice a year these days so keep an eye out for the fall version... but feel free to enjoy the shops and restaurants on Pomfret St any time... I know I will!