It seems like everyone is eating out less these days... especially at work. No one wants to go out to lunch any more, so mostly I've been running  home at lunchtime or doing some errands. So when Angela said "What are you doing for lunch today?" I jumped on it! We share a love of sushi in general and Mount Fuji specifically so I said suggested we head out there... we were kind of in a hurry, so it's a great place to go because they are always so great with service.

Angela laughed at me because I ordered "my usual": a spicy kani bowl and a Snowtin Roll. Oh my goodness, just typing that right now makes me want to go back! I'm not a huge fan of raw fish, but Fuji has sushi for every one. The spicy kani bowl is basically a spicy crab roll deconstructed but with no rice. It's shredded crabmeat over a bed of cucumber sticks combined with some kind of little fried crunchies and topped with the spicy sauces and a little dab of smelt eggs. yyyyuuuuummmmm.....


Then the Snowtin Roll (which is not on the menu but was a special one day and I just continue to order it) is sort of like a shrimp tempura roll with spicy crap on top. Trust me... TRY IT! Even if fish or eggs are too much for you.
.. any shrimp or crab used is fully cooked... and they do have veggie only rolls as well. And if for some reason you have to bring non sushi eaters with you... the chicken teriyaki is to die for:).