Cumberland Valley is here for you when you are ready to travel again. As we enter the Green Phase of re-opening on June 12, here are some updates that can help you plan your Weekend Easy getaway.

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CMS Styles Template

Styles Dropdown Below are examples of styles using the --Styles-- drop down in the CMS.  All but the last four (block-COLOR) styles are default styles that come standard with the WYSIWYG and aren't typically used in text editing.  However, sometimes we will create styles for various parts of the site that end up showing up in the styles dropdown. For example, the "req" style may be used on a form to modify the label of a required field on the form.  The four block-Color styles were custom created at the request of the CVB in order to mimic an old Trip Idea PDF element.












Formats DropdownBelow are examples of styles using the --Format-- drop-down in the CMS. Of the Formats below, "Paragraph" is the most common.  It creates "p tags" (which are HTML tags that look like this: <p>) on either side of the selected text, which allows the CSS to control the look of all paragraph text. Address and Preformatted are seldom used and are self-explanatory.  Of the headings, you should never use the H1 since that is an element that search engines look for and the CMS generates is automatically off of the page title, so any H1 text created in the WYSIWYG could harm the page's search rankings as it could be seen as trying to game the algorithm.  The other H tags can be used for any occasion where the text of varying size and/or weight is needed.



Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


Centered image without border - use source code

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