A Thousand Years Without a Bath? Illuminating the Real Dark Ages

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Squalor, ignorance, and ruin – that’s the common view of life in Europe between the fall of Rome and the Renaissance. But the real picture was very different. This program sheds some welcome light on the bright spots that emerged during this thousand-year stretch: the gilded splendor of the Byzantine court; the great libraries of the nearby Muslim world; the bustling city-states of Italy; the multicultural meccas of Sicily and Spain; and the humble Christian monasteries, committed to keeping alive the wisdom of the ancients. Presented by history lecturer John Maietta.

A native of Williamsport, Pa., John Maietta retired from a lifelong public relations career in 2010. For many years he operated a successful freelance business in the Harrisburg area while simultaneously serving as a public affairs officer with the Pennsylvania National Guard. Starting in 2022, he completed numerous active-duty assignments with the U.S. Army, including long-term deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, and Iraq. In 2014 he received a master’s degree in applied history from Shippensburg University. He later taught introductory courses in world history at Shippensburg University and York College of Pennsylvania. His popular presentations on history and culture have been featured at many libraries, retirement centers, and other venues throughout the region.

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