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Adventures, Experiments and Other Exploits

Adventures, Experiments and Other Exploits


Seeking adventurous, energized, and enterprising explorers to join the Hollabaugh Bros. Adventure Company on daring new quests of intrigue and exploration. Journey with us to new lands where the unexpected should be expected. Each journey will require feats of profound learning or our quest will utterly fail. No really, you must learn something or our quest will fail miserably! Still want to join us? You must submit your name to company HQ (headquarters, that is), to join our company and receive membership status. Grab your adult (or parent, as we should call them), and do so today! The Company needs you!

Need more information? Not sure about pet dragons? Here is your quest list:

Registration is now closed for June 7th: Cooking – “All That Fluff” Your mission is to figure out what adds “fluff” to your baked yummies.
June 14th: Science – “Good Food Gone Bad” No quest will succeed without properly stored supplies.
June 21st: History – “Let’s Take This Underground” A railroad underground? Now that’s unexpected!
June 28th: Cooking – “Whipping Wonder” Intrigued on how to beat your food into shape?
July 5th: Science – “Don’t Be Dense” Eliminate those air pockets from summer vacation and discover true density.
July 12th: History – “Revolutionary Letters From a Farmer” Strike an independent pose – join the revolution!
July 19th: Cooking – “It’s a Sticky Sweet Tooth Situation” What an expected sweet treat! Sticky syrups adds happiness to every company.
July 26th: Science – “What’s the Matter?” There are 3 dragon-y reasons you must learn molecules.
August 2nd: History – “Farming is Forever” Travel thousands of years in just 1 hour – now that’s a journey!
You must register for each individual class. Register for 1, 2, 3, or all 9 classes! If you register for all 9 classes – either all at one time or over the course of the summer, you will receive the 9th class free. Register today – Register ONLINE, call 717-677-8412 or stop by at our market.

Registration is required. Space is limited. Cost: $15/class

Hollabaugh Brothers Fruit Farm & Market

Adventures, Experiments and Other Exploits