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What are we?

The founders of the Susquehanna Mysteries Alliance (SMA) have agreed that SMA should be retired. After 8 years of programs, they decided that it has become increasingly difficult to come up with programs that fit the "definition" of SMA.

Having said that, Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop has come up with PROMM - which stands for Peculiar, Random, Odd Mysteries and More. We will have a program on subjects ranging from history to true crime to paranormal and much more.

When do we meet?

Every month, we meet on the fourth Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise designated. There is no meeting during the months of November and December. Each program will last anywhere from one to two hours including questions from the audience. Reservations are requested to allow for refreshments, seating, etc. Cost is $3 per person (except where noted), payable at the door.

Jan. 22 @ 7 pm -- Author: John L. Moore; Topic: 1780: Year of Revenge

John will talk about his latest book - 1780: Year of Revenge which is the third book in his "Revolutionary Pennsylvania Series," which details the stories of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians caught up in the American Revolution. For the Iroquois, 1780 became a year for revenge. As winter ended, their warriors didn't wait for the snow to melt before they sharpened their tomahawks, donned their snowshoes and headed for Pennsylvania. The first attacks caught settlers making sugar in their maple groves and re-building farms damaged by previous raids. The warriors terrorized the entire frontier. Across Pennsylvania, militia officers scrambled to protect their settlements. As William Maclay of Sunbury, Pa., implored Governor Joseph Reed, "... Help us if you can."

Feb. 26 @ 7 pm -- Author: James Rada Jr.; Topic: "Secrets of the Gettysburg Battlefield"

The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point of the Civil War. In 1863, July 1 - 3 saw the greatest number of casualties during the war. Beyond the fighting, the battlefield is the site of many other true stories of war, legends, reconciliation, and fantasy. Author James Rada Jr. will spill the Secrets of the Gettysburg Battlefield with stories of dinosaurs, warriors, interesting people, and unusual incidents. These are the stories that you won't read about in history textbooks.

April 22 @ 7 pm -- Author: Janeal Jaroh

A series of graves in Silver Spring Township testify that the dark side of human nature lurks everywhere, and is timeless. Calculated murder, multiple victims, an unknowing love triangle, money, power, position, it's all there. Will they get away with the killings or will there be an execution in the public square of Carlisle? Cost: $5