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Author Talk: Teresa Peschel

Author Talk: Teresa Peschel


Teresa Peschel has always been interested in a resilient life that doesn't collapse when things go pear-shaped (which they frequently do). This isn't a popular way of life since it involves saying 'no' to the latest fad or popular product. It's also not a lifestyle that requires you to run off to an off-grid cabin deep in bear country with no electricity or running water.

What this lifestyle does require is living more simply. It means paying attention to your choices rather than sleepwalking through the day and defaulting to the easiest option. It requires saying 'no' and developing skills to make your life more efficient without spending a lot of money.

This lifestyle can make you free. Free from building up debt, free of making lengthy commutes, free to live the life that you want rather than the one that was handed to you.

It isn't always simple and it isn't always easy. But it's what people have done for generations, and you can do it, too.

To learn more, come to the Mechanicsburg Mystery Book Shop on Wednesday, February 27 at 7:00 pm and listen to Teresa Peschel discuss her book Suburban Stockade. Reservations required.


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Author Talk: Teresa Peschel