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Book Signing: Conrail Business & Research Trains

157 North Enola Road (Routes 11/15),
Enola, PA 17025
(717) 732-7288
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GPCo authors Brock Kerchner and Wes Reminder are holding a book signing for their new book, "Conrail Business & Research Trains", at Cupboard Maker Books (right across the street from Enola Yard)!

For all 23 years of Conrail's tenure (1976-1999), the railroad maintained a fleet of specialized railcars and locomotives equipped to "test the condition of [its] track, allow Conrail’s management to inspect the right of way and facilities at the ground level, and show customers and potential customers exactly how their freight [would] move.” The specialized railcars in this fleet were split between Conrail's business train (often called the Office Car Special, or OCS) and the railroad’s research and track department.
The comprehensive book (over 400 pages) is based on Kerchner and Reminder’s three decades of combined research, and it is slated for release by The Garbely Publishing Company in mid-October (learn more at www.cr-ocs.com).

Each railcar and locomotive in Conrail's special equipment fleet will be covered in the book, with original diagrams and drawings as well as photographs depicting the interiors and exteriors of the railroad's opulent business cars and its specialized research equipment. With every specialized operation came specialized employees, and Conrail's business and research trains were no exceptions. From the mechanical staff that rebuilt and maintained the cars to the on-board management that ensured their smooth operation, this presentation will feature information and stories gleaned from interviews with the major players in Conrail's special equipment staff.

These accounts are accompanied by rare photographs showing these unique and memorable trains under construction, in operation, and even in a foreign country! The presentation will also cover the Conrail Technical Services Laboratory and the special railcars equipped for the Conrail Police Department.

The signing will run from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. All are welcome to attend!