Canal Street String Band

Fort Hunter Barn,
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(800) 838-3006
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Sponsored by the Susquehanna Folk Music Society. Watch a video here:

With three voices, fifty-five strings and a pair of cow bones, The Canal Street String Band puts a brand-new shine on some seriously fun old American music. In this show, these stellar multi-instrumentalists will explore the roots that inspired seminal jam-band The Grateful Dead.

Jerry Garcia grew up listening to field recordings, jazz, traditional folk songs, bluegrass, and ancient Child ballads, first getting together with Bob Weir and Pigpen NOT to start a rock-and-roll band, but to play jug band music.

As The Grateful Dead, they learned songs from itinerant street musicians, covered blues legends and country stars, and packed a gumbo of musical styles into their own canon of beloved original songs. The Dead exposed generations of music fans to the nooks, crannies, branches, and offshoots of American roots music like perhaps no other act of their size and influence.

Join The Canal Street String Band, New York State Presenters Network "performing artists of the highest professional caliber," to explore the deep well of American music that inspired the Grateful Dead, and discover some fascinating stories behind the music. Featuring banjo, fiddle, twin mandolins, string bass, dobro, guitar, octave mandolin, assorted "pocket" instruments, and three-part harmonies, this program will delight the uninitiated right alongside the Deadheads in the crowd.

"You may love the Dead, in which case this show is a must-see. Or you may not love the Dead, in which case you are wrong, and these three will demonstrate why" — Geoff Kelly, publisher, The Public, Buffalo, NJ