Carlisle Seed Share T-Shirt

38 West Pomfret Street,
Carlisle, PA 17013
(717) 249-6973
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Instructor: Ashley Newhard
Ages: All
Saturday, October 15
Time: 12:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m.
Class Fee: $5 ($10 non-member)

Print your own t-shirt or market bag with the Carlisle Seed Share logo. Carlisle Seed Share is a free group in which gardeners share extra seeds and plants. We share plants on Facebook throughout the year or at the two in-person events in February and April. Our seed stash, AKA the Carlisle Seed Library, is open year-round in the Carlisle Tool Library. Why not join in the sharing? Show your support and start a conversation by wearing your hand-printed t-shirt or using your hand-printed market bag. Students will bring the textiles they wish to print (limit 3 items). Items to print could include t-shirts, market bags, harvest aprons, garden name it! (Carlisle Seed Share was formerly known as Carlisle Seed Swap.)