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Children & Tween Learning Challenge (age 0-12)

Children & Tween Learning Challenge (age 0-12)


Participating in summer learning is fun, easy and FREE.  For children ages 0 to 12 years. Register online at You can also register by stopping at any of the library's service desks and filling out a paper registration form.

Read at your own pace, alone or with someone. You can read a book, a magazine. or the back of the cereal box. You can listen to a book on CD, or check out a graphic novel.  Parents: Don't forget that reading to your child (or with your child) can also be counted, no matter how young they are. After all, time shared reading together and to one another is as valuable as reading alone!

Each time you read, log the number of minutes you read into your online Summer Learning account, or fill out a report form at any of the library's services desks. As you log your reading you will earn badges and points. These points can be redeemed at the Youth Services Desk for coins to spend on our Five and Dime counter, or saved to spend at our Summer Learning Fair on August 19. Summer Learning Challenge earning ends August 12, so be sure to log all of your reading minutes by midnight that day!

In addition to logging the minutes you spend reading, you can also log activities! Each activity gives you a set number of additional points, giving you extra coins to spend! A full list of available activities and how to complete them is listed in your Summer Learning account at under "Activity Badges." A paper list is also available for pick-up at the library.

Beginning June 18, stop at the Youth Services Desk when you visit the Library. Tell us you have points to redeem. We'll check your online account, and give the coins you have earned since your last visit. You can spend your coins immediately on small prices from our Five and Dime Cart, OR you can save your coins to spend playing games, doing activities, and purchasing snacks and other prizes at our Summer Learning Fair on August 19!

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Children & Tween Learning Challenge (age 0-12)