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Curator Club for Grades 3-5

Curator Club for Grades 3-5


Saturday Science Programs:

January 19: Cells and Scopes!- Use microscopes to see plant and animal cells- the building blocks of life!
January 26: Tree of Life- Who’s in your family tree? Explore the classification system for living things from amoebas to zebras.
February 9: Colors Everywhere!- Learn how colors are made and how animals use colors to survive.
February 16: React!- Perform chemical reactions, categorize acids and bases, and learn more about chemistry!
March 2: Trash Eaters!- Discover which animals happily eat trash and how this helps them to survive!
March 9: Tell me a Story- Learn about some animal folk tales, then bring a story to life using puppets, props, and imagination!

Preregistration is $15/student per Saturday; register for all six and pay only $75. Financial assistance may be available. Walk-ins may be accepted on the day of the activity as space allows for a cost of $18.


Oakes Museum @ Messiah College

Curator Club for Grades 3-5