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Dinosaur Discovery

Dinosaur Discovery


After 65 million years in the making, dinosaurs come alive this summer in Whitaker Center’s limited engagement exhibition, Dinosaur Discovery: Where Science Comes Alive presented by Harsco! Located inside Gloria M. Olewine Gallery of Harsco Science Center, guests will marvel at predators hunting prey: an armored Euoplocephalus fending off a provoked Albertosaurus, discover a pack of hungry Deinonychus taking down a Tenontosaurus and hear a Maiasaura roar in joy as its eggs hatch. There will be over a dozen interactive dinosaurs for guests to wonder at and you can even become one yourself through virtual reality! Admission to this event is included in Harsco Science Center admission. Runs June 3-September 3.

Whitaker Center for Science and Arts

Dinosaur Discovery
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  • Whitaker Center for Science and Arts
  • Included with science center admission
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