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Elf Mafia Murder Mystery Dinner

Elf Mafia Murder Mystery Dinner


MacJingle All The Way, An Elf Mafia Murder Mystery Dinner

An Oxymoron Production and a Four Course Italian Dinner

Over the centuries, Santa Claus has trusted one elf family, the MacJingles to oversee all operations of his toy-making enterprise. Suddenly, during peak toy-making season, Marty MacJingle, the head of the MacJingle clan has disappeared. There have been rumors of other elves wanting to control the operations. What happened? Whodunnit?

As you enter the Capital BlueCross Theatre, you'll find yourself in the Toy Shoppe Canteen for the annual toy-making-crunch-time celebration hosted by everyone's favorite head elf, Marty MacJingle. As you move to your chosen seat, you'll find a salad and warm rolls awaiting you. As you enjoy your soup and the festive beverages with your table companions chaos and tragedy will ensue. Be warned, your savory meal may be interrupted by allegations, insinuations, accusations, and recriminations. With a degree of trepidation, you'll nibble at Italian cookie trays and sip on warm beverages as you wait to learn the identity of the murderer. Will you be surprised? Did you believe a red herring? Or were you sitting by the murderer all night and didn't know it?

TICKETS (processing fees apply)

$15 students; $20 alumni; $25 faculty/ staff; $30 general admission

Location for performances: Capital BlueCross Theatre (use the address 600 Valley Road Summerdale PA 17093) This will take you to the parking lot behind ATEC (the newer building on campus: Advanced Technology Education Center). You'll see a big yellow bridge. Walk up the black iron steps to reach the bridge, or enter the ground level of ATEC and take the elevator to floor 2. (elevator right of the cafe entrance) Cross the bridge and turn right and come down the path to the Underground where the Capital BlueCross Theatre is located.


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Elf Mafia Murder Mystery Dinner