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Fall History Series

Fall History Series


Cumberland County was founded in a violent game of empires. The Europeans that settled the county learned hard lessons from wars and revolutions, lessons that shaped county history for over a century. In a series of four presentations Jeff Wood will tell the dramatic story of the Cumberland Valley from 1730 to the eve of the Civil War. Native history, Scots-Irish and German settlement, tensions with colonial government, early national identity, the Whiskey Rebellion, and the legacy of a frontier spirit will all be woven into the story.

September 11 -- Captivity: Patterns developed in the encounters, clashes, and mergers of the European settlers of Cumberland Valley and the Natives of the region. Well-known and obscure captivities will be investigated for their stories, meanings, and legacies.

September 18 -- Sideshow: Major John Andre of His Majesty's military in the North American colonies spent sometime in the Valley as a prisoner of war in 1776. His story and the widely varying accounts of his stay here are worth re-telling.

September 25 -- Is Protest Treason: The early National period in the Valley was contentious and dangerous. How did the Valley fare in the new nation? We examine patriotism and liberty after the Revolutionary War.

October 2 -- The People and their Presidents: Cumberland Valley rode the whirlwind of the US presidents from Washington to Jackson. Our relationship to the first seven presidents is a good biography of the area's life and times.


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Fall History Series
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