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Geocaching for Beginners

Geocaching for Beginners


Looking for new ways to use your GPS or a good reason to buy one? Looking to enjoy the outdoors in a novel way?

Geocaching is a sport that can take you literally around the world in pursuit of tiny “treasures.” Try this recreational trend that combines new technology with old-fashioned walking, while using clues to find hidden caches. A quick presentation on the background and how-to of geocaching will start off the program.

Afterward you’ll have the chance to use your GPS to locate some temporary caches at Kings Gap. Although not required, it is recommended that you bring your own unit and know how to use it. A few units will be available to borrow.

Registration is required by October 6th. To register, please visit our website. Meet at the Education Building.

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center

Geocaching for Beginners