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Intro to Core and Pelvic Health

Intro to Core and Pelvic Health


Learn how to optimize core strength and pelvic health from Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation specialist Megan Miller of Core Plus Physical Therapy and Restore Your Core yoga instructor Michele Landis.

Urinary leakage, chronic constipation, poor bowel control, and pelvic pain are issues that can so significantly impact quality of life for women and men of all ages. We will discuss the basic anatomy of the pelvic floor and how dysfunction can occur, as well as practical tips that can be implemented right away to get you started on the path to healing. Also learn about simple movement strategies you can make or incorporate into your current exercise program to help alleviate symptoms from the following:

- You experience urinary leakage with coughing, sneezing and laughing.
- You experience urinary leakage with running, walking or jumping.
- You suffer from chronic constipation.
- You experience poor bowel control and leakage.
- You experience urinary leakage following prostate surgery.
- You experience pelvic pain and pressure from pelvic organ prolapse, and you are wondering what types of exercises are safe to continue.
- You experience urinary urgency, frequency and/or pelvic pain.
- You experience pain with intercourse.

This free talk is the perfect place to start if you are curious about these issues or are silently suffering and don’t know where to begin. Our compassionate practitioners look forward to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help you get started on your journey to a healthy core and pelvic floor.


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Intro to Core and Pelvic Health