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Intro to Home Energy Purification

Intro to Home Energy Purification


Are you or your home feeling “stuck”? Is there a space in your home that you have wanted to clean out and haven't been able to get started? Have you accumulated belongings that may no longer be serving your highest good? If so, workshop is for you!

Our belongings, just like our physical bodies and the world around us, possess an energetic charge. Areas of your home that you have trouble clearing, sorting, or organizing often have stuck energy that reflects a “stuckness” within. Home Energy Purification is a process for shifting and transforming your energetic and emotional relationship with your belongings using mindfulness, intuition, and energy tools.

In this fun, informative, and experiential workshop, you will learn the basics of the Home Energy Purification process (mindful centering, intention-setting, tuning in with intuition, and how to use a variety of tools to shift energy) and have a practice experience with your own belongings.

Workshop participants are encouraged to bring a small box with an assortment of "stuck" personal items from a junk drawer/forgotten closet/ignored area of the home. These 10-20 items should belong to the participant her/himself. Family members, friends, and roommates are encourage to attend this workshop together - anyone who shares living space can benefit from learning how to shift both internal and external energies!

Pre-registration is required by January 11, 2018,

The space is limited to 10 students.

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Intro to Home Energy Purification