Introduction to Birdwatching

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Have you ever stopped what you were doing just to admire an eagle flying above or taken out your phone to snap a picture of the cardinal that landed right outside your window? You might already be a birdwatcher! Join other birdwatching beginners for this introduction to a time-honored hobby! This program will include topics about equipment and how to use it, etiquette when out birding, tips on better identification success, and how to get involved in the birding community. Come and see what some 40 million birders around the world already enjoy!

Presented by Andrew Dapkins. Andrew is a lifelong birder who started at around 10 years old. He has traveled the world volunteering and learning from many diverse cultures and associations on how they enjoy and promote birding in their communities. Andrew sits on the Appalachian Audubon Society Board, a 501(c)(3) organization. They foster a community of birders dedicated to ornithology and related natural sciences through annual scholarships, wildlife rehabilitation centers support, and stewardship of Trout Run Preserve, promoting environmental action and education through monthly meetings, field trips, and public outreach initiatives in south-central Pennsylvania.